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Initial Production Check (IPC)

Start production with transparency in manufacturing deliverables and procedures in place for uninterrupted flow, risk management and corrective action plans. A pre-production inspection is the preliminary inspection of machinery, components, quantity and quality of materials a Pakistani supplier will be using for your goods. They commence prior to the scheduled start and run until 20% of the production is complete. A Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) is the next step after the identification and the evaluation of your vendor/factory. It allows our quality inspectors to identify risks and plan necessary procedures to mitigate quality issues that may arise during manufacturing. As an integral component of your production process, it can save your business loss of time and offer robust quality assurance management.

In addition, the pre-production inspection checklist includes preparation for future product inspection(s) by reviewing your approval samples and listing all tools available to perform product testing.

We can arrange a Pre-Production Inspection within 48 hours and release your inspection report of inspection in less than 24 hours.

Values included


No extra charge for travel cost

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No extra charge for inspections on Saturday or Sunday


Full-time experienced inspectors only


A detailed inspection report issued within 24 hours


Free consultancy before and after inspections

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