Remote Inspection

A Remote Inspections combine our leading inspection expertise and experience with the benefits of technology to ensure the quality of your products remotely – anytime, anywhere

Utilizing Liger’s livestreaming technology, a specialist Liger supervisor experienced in managing inspectors will guide factory staff remotely through the steps of a product inspection, and collect evidence of key findings on the product's quality.

Product inspections, whether they are remote or on-site, are a key element of quality control and will help to prevent quality problems and supply chain disruptions once products are on the shelves.

A LIGER Remote Inspection can be conducted at the following stages of the manufacturing process

IPC – Initial Production Check

DUPRO – During Production Inspection

PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection

Difference between Remote Inspections & Onsite Inspections

Remote Inspection

Onsite Inspection

Live streaming


Random sampling by factory, monitored and supervised by LIGER

Random sampling by LIGER

Verify product specifications via live video and pictures

Verify product conformity with product and reference sample in hand

Reduced workmanship & measurement sample size (20-32 pieces sampled)

Regular workmanship & measurement sample size

Benefits of Remote Inspection services / Virtual Inspection services:

Increased personnel safety during widespread health-related challenges such as COVID-19

Allows an inspector to safely observe objects and materials from a distance when the objects are inaccessible or are in dangerous environments

Enables you to monitor the inspection as required for instant feedback and real-time results

Improves your audit evidence trail with real and indisputable footage of the vendor, process, equipment and results

Reduces the carbon footprint of our workforce by eliminating the travel to site

Ensures the continuity of project schedules when physical inspection is impossible while also

giving confidence the product was tested in conformance with project standards


Values included


No extra charge for travel cost

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No extra charge for inspections on Saturday or Sunday


Full-time experienced inspectors only


A detailed inspection report issued within 24 hours


Free consultancy before and after inspections

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