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Technical Audit

LIGERCORP Technical Audit is an independent and robust assessment to verify your supplier’s (or potential supplier’s) capabilities. The checklist can be tailored to your particular industry or product, with our specialist auditors providing an overall score to represent the real level of risk in your supplier.

The scope of a LIGER Technical Audit covers

  • Basic factory profile
  • Quality management system – factory’s quality manual, planning and management review
  • Resources management – human resources, purchasing and control of measurement devices
  • Stock management – storage of incoming materials, in-process and finished products
  • Incoming material inspection
  • Production processes – workshop organization, quality control during products
  • Packing and quality control processes before shipment – packing line organization, quality control before shipment
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement – factory internal audits, data management
  • Any other specific instructions from the client


Findings are collated in a comprehensive report and a correct action plan is provided to prioritize the most important follow-up actions for the factory’s improvement. Progress on corrective actions can be measured through a follow-up audit, desktop review and/or phone calls.

Why Perform a Technical Audit

  • Ensure that quality and safety standards are maintained across your suppliers
  • Verify that a new supplier has the capability to meet your requirements

Manage and prevent quality risks by ensuring adequate in-factory systems are in place


Professional and Experienced Auditors

Our auditors receive comprehensive training on auditing techniques, quality practices, report writing, and integrity and ethics. In addition, periodic training and testing is done to keep skills current to changing industry standards.

Strong Integrity & Ethics Program

With an industry recognized reputation for our strict ethical standards, we maintain an active training and integrity program that is managed by a dedicated integrity compliance team. This helps minimize the risk of corruption and helps educate auditors, factories and clients regarding our integrity policies, practices and expectations.

Values included


No extra charge for travel cost

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No extra charge for Audits on Saturday or Sunday


Full-time experienced Auditors only


A detailed Audits report issued within 72 hours


Free consultancy before and after Audits

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LIGER CORP provides quality control inspections, factory audits, supplier evaluations, consumer product testing, production control and management.

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